Declutter Your Countertops!

The Banana Hammock hangs underneath cabinets saving your counter space and keeping your kitchen organized.

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People Love Our Kitchen Products!

Anna M.

“Easy to hang and keeps my counter small counter clear. Super cute design and very functional.”

Emily T.

“Keeps my fruit in view so I remember to eat it lol. The macrame weave is tighter than other options which is good for apples and smaller fruits. “

Maria E.

“Love being able to say ‘check the banana hammock.’ Excellent product for small kitchens. Only recommendation is to drill pilot holes before screwing in hooks.”

Adam S.

“Can’t believe it took me 26 years to find this. Perfectly simple to use and mixes oil into peanut butter with no mess.”

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Banana Hamocks’ products are functional, convenient and designed to tackle little problems in the kitchen. Hanging macrame fruit baskets keep fruit fresh and counters clutter-free while the peanut butter stirrer avoids an oily mess. Keep your kitchen clean and organized with Banana Hamocks today!

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